In 1977, with 17 years of success as a bandleader, musician, singer/songwriter recording artist and entertainer, Ralph Williams changed careers and entered the world of real estate.

In his first year of real estate, he became the top residential listing sales associate in the world for Century 21®.  He secured 271 exclusive right to sell listings and quickly learned the value of controlling inventory. Over the next nine years he conclusively proved that his success was based on rock-solid principles and practices as he owned and led companies and salespeople (in three different regions of the country) to number one positions locally, regionally, and nationally in listings, sales, and commissions-earned production.

In 1987, Ralph founded the consulting firm Bottom Line University®. He then partnered with world-renowned business consultant, Dr. Dick McKenna, to develop and author Operation Orbit®, an intense, thought-provoking, one-year management program. Williams and McKenna then presented, under the banner of Bottom Line University®, Operation Orbit® to thousands of brokers, owners and managers across the United States and Canada. In 1992, Williams and McKenna sold Operation Orbit® to the Century 21 Real Estate Corporation.

Since then, Ralph has developed, field tested, presented, and perfected more than 100 programs that are in constant use by top professionals from a variety of industries. Many of these programs can be custom designed to be brand specific and/or fit any industry that requires recruiting, training, coaching, leading and/or directing salespeople. At the leadership level, modules for business building, team building, organization building, and expectation management are of primary focus. At the salesperson level there are parallel programs (built to work in harmony with leadership programs) designed to build long lasting careers with high earnings (no matter the market conditions). The remaining programs are real estate industry specific.

In March 2020, Ralph teamed with Doug Thompson (former # 1 Century 21 Agent in all of Canada & Century 21 Canada Hall of Fame Inductee) to create, develop, and present, The IMPACT Initiative across North America. This program has proven to be the most exciting new real estate sales and leadership program in more than 30 years.

Ralph is a powerful communicator, a master facilitator and has incredibly keen insight.  Over the years he has appeared on the NBC, ABC, CBS, and FOX TV networks, and he has keynoted several National and International conventions and conferences. He provides useful information that can be put to immediate use. He combines his street-smart, common-sense approach with his strategic learning practices to give those he works with a distinguishable edge.

Ralph Williams is a world-class coach and business consultant who is dedicated to leading and directing people to good decisions in moments of truth. He works with business leaders, salespeople, community leaders, and families, helping them meet and overcome the challenges brought about by an ever-changing and increasingly competitive world.

Ralph and his wife, Louanne, live in Grapevine, Texas, USA have five sons and eleven grandchildren.

Hi, I’m Doug Thompson

Doug Thompson is a great Canadian success story. Over three decades ago, Doug chose to make a career out of real estate and hung his license with Century 21. Then, only a few years later, he began his lifelong career as a student. He sought out the best industry leaders such as Ralph Williams and Floyd Wickman.

The rest, as they say, is history. During his career Doug earned countless Century 21 awards – including 13 Centurions – and was inducted into the Century 21 Canada Hall of Fame in 1991. His crowning achievement was achieving #1 in units of production for all of Canada. This was despite living in rural Alberta in a community of less than 12,000! As Doug transitioned first into a top producer and then into ownership of his own office, he continued to close over 100 sales annually. One key factor that set him apart from many other successful agents and owners was his emphasis on training.

Doug’s agents also became protégé’s of the Ralph Williams and Floyd Wickman sales strategies to produce a large number of Top Producing Agents in his community. When Doug retired from active real estate selling in 2009, he felt it was time to give back to the world of real estate by training agents across North America, sharing his experiences and knowledge. With his wife Debbie, they have built a successful training organization that has become a huge resource for agents all over North America. His students have access to the exact types of training that made Doug so successful.

When asked why he chose to retire from real estate sales to concentrate on training the next generation of agents, Doug responded, “I love watching students excel, seeing them change their lives for the better, and changing their families lives for the better. It was this training that changed my career and my life, so I can think of nothing better than sharing that training with other people.”

In March 2020, Doug partnered with Ralph Williams, Founder of Bottom Line University to design, and develop the most advanced real estate sales and leadership program ever created. That program is, The IMPACT Initiative.

The IMPACT Initiative is an intense one-year program with four campaigns and 28 Zoominar sessions for leadership. It also has four campaigns and 28 Zoominar sessions for agents. Current participants hail from all across the USA and Canada.

Brokers/owners and managers are in the leadership campaigns, salespeople are in the agent campaigns. Never before has a single program been available that pays such close attention to the details and application of what it takes to have great companies and careers worth having.

Doug and his wife, Debbie lives in Beautiful British Columbia, Canada.